Experimenting on Prisoners with Acid in the ‘50s

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When people think of America in the 1950s, they usually have a certain image in mind. They think of Elvis and his wild fans. They think of suburban bliss, big American-made cars, easy living, and the uniquely quirky style of the Atomic Age. To a point, this is relatively true for the lives many Americans lived. 

However, the 1950s were also known for another issue that’s rather disturbing. 

This era was one that went to extreme lengths to test out weapons on people, all in the name of security. One of the most famous instances occurred with the CIA’s Project MKUltra. This series of experiments were conducted to create a mind control device, and one of the most famous products of this decade was LSD. 

Much to the shock of civilians, MKUltra experiments were performed on civilians, prisoners, and minorities. In many cases, people had no idea they were even being dosed with the drug at all. 

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