The Strangest Cults In History


We have rounded up the strangest cults including: Heavens’s Gate, Raëlism, Ho No Hana Sanpogyo, Nuwaubianism, The Pana-Wave Laboratory, Freedomites, Cargo Cults and The Creativity Movement. Click through to learn more about each one!

Ever since humanity existed, religion was a part of the human existence. From the ancient Greeks to the Maori tribes of New Zealand, every region has had its own religions arise. Many of these religions are ancient and well-accepted as a part of local culture. Others? Well, not so much. 

The issue of cults is real. Cults are, by definition, fringe religions that do not mesh with mainstream beliefs or practices. Over the years, cults have been the source of major news headlines as a result of graphic murders or bizarre claims made by their members. 

Cults like the Peoples’ Temple have been known to encourage mass suicides. Others have encouraged drug use, or just got a little bit crazy with their counterculture behavior. These cults below, though, take the cake when it comes to their downright strange beliefs.