Famous Farts Caught On Camera

We’ve all been there, we’ve all turned a bit red from embarrassment but tooting on a live news broadcast has to be one of the more horrifying things to do. For CA Rep. Eric Swalwell, this nightmare became reality. 

During an interview on Hardball the California representative farted on air while discussing the impeachment hearing against Trump! He paused for a second and then proceeded but don’t get to thinking no one noticed! Just a mere 12 minutes later the clip appeared on Twitter and the hashtag #fartgate caught on like a wildfire! 



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Swalwell certainly is not the first or last politician or famous person to fart TV and instead of taking it like a champ, he immediately claimed he did not dealt it. This did not discourage the public though into thinking the fart was fake, it ignited a few conspiracy theories and had the show tweeting that it wasn’t a fart at all but merely a mug being slid across a desk…… *insert eye roll*. 

This got us thinking though… what other famous farts are out there?

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