The True Story of Ford vs. Ferrari

Henry Ford II on the left and Enzo Ferrari on the right
Henry Ford II on the left and Enzo Ferrari on the right source


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What do you get when you put two A-listers behind the wheel of an epic sports drama? A lot of critical acclaim, Oscar buzz, and mixed accounts of what ACTUALLY happened. Ford v. Ferrari has been a hit since its November release, with audiences praising the action sequences and stellar acting by leads Matt Damon and Christian Bale. While most films based on a true story tend to blur the lines between fact and fiction – Ford v. Ferrari tends to stick pretty closely to real-life events. What really happened, may you ask? 

As the title suggests, the film chronicles the story of Ford Motor Company as they seek revenge on Ferrari after a business deal gone wrong.  It all began in 1963 – when Ford CEO Henry Ford II saw his chance to increase revenue and sell sports cars to the Baby Boomer generation. Yes, you read that correctly. We may say “OK boomer” today, but the 60’s saw a change in purchasing habits that meant boomers had plenty of disposable income to spend on houses, nice clothes, and luxury cars. That’s where Ferrari came in. 

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