Is Kanye West Running For President In 2024?

Kanye West definitely has political beliefs he discusses

Kanye West is running for president 2024


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Most presidential run rumors rarely start out of nowhere, and this is definitely true about West’s alleged bid. For the past ten years, Kanye West made no qualms about saying some seriously political stuff to news agencies–often to the shock of fans. 

The rapper kicked off his wild sayings by famously stating, “George Bush doesn’t care about black people,” after Hurricane Katrina. Then, when Obama was elected, one would have expected Kanye to be a major Obama supporter. 

Only, he wasn’t. 

After Obama called West a “jackass” for poaching Taylor Swift’s moment, the rap mogul stayed fairly right-wing. He even met with President Trump and tried to turn MAGA hats into rap apparel. 

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