The Strangest Cults In History


The Strangest Cults In History Raëlism


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Raëlism is a cultist’s cult. Like, super culty. It started off when a man who now calls himself “Raël” allegedly spoke with a green-skinned alien called Yahweh. The alien explained that humans were artificial creations by aliens, and that aliens told people to worship them. Or something. 

Well, anyway, Raël is known for enjoying race car driving in his spare time and for having sex with his congregation. A lot of sex. Many people surmise that this religion is mostly about getting him laid, which is actually quite impressive, considering they have 90,000 members worldwide. 

In the past, this cult has made headlines for its logo, which combined a swastika with a Star of David. They also had a fair amount of press as a result of sex scandals, alleged human cloning, and other weird stuff. 

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