The 5 Biggest Betrayals in History

Vidkun Quisling’s Rule


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World War II brought forth quite a few historic betrayals, including Adolf Hitler betraying his once-ally Joseph Stalin after attempting to conquer Russia. It was a time when betrayals were common enough. Even so, Vidkun Quisling’s betrayal would make may staunch dictators raise an eyebrow.

Vidkun Quisling was a Norwegian dictator who went above and beyond the normal ranks of betrayal. Not only did he hand his country over to the Nazis, but he took rule over it as part of a low-key agreement with Hitler.

His rule was one that was hated by his fellow countrymen with a passion. When Allied forces came in, he was executed for mass murder. More specifically, his crime was known as “carrying out Hitler’s final solution” in Norway.


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