Things You Didn’t Know About 60s Fast Food Culture

kids love mcdonalds


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Lately, people have started to pay attention to fast food history—and that’s actually a pretty wonderful thing. Fast food history, as well as restaurant history, is fairly fascinating. You can tell a lot about a culture by taking a look at the restaurants they eat at, the menus they love, as well as the aesthetics that their favorite places offer up.

When most of us think about the landscape of the 1960s, certain types of fast food restaurants still come to mind. We all imaging people lining up for some McDonald’s or KFC, for the most part. What most people who didn’t live through the 60s don’t know is that the world of fast food was totally different than what we tend to imagine it to be.

There were major chains that came and went. There were bizarre scandals out there. And, there were quite a few times McDonald’s was shaking in its big ol’ clown shoes. Here are some of the wildest things most people never knew about fast food in the 1960s…

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