People Who Escaped Their Cults

Christina Babin: The Children of God

Christina Babin: The Children of God


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The Children of God is one of the more high profile cults that exist due to the membership of several high profile celebrities that have left and spoken out against its practices. Founded in the late 60s by David Berg, the group built on the “free love” philosophy of the time but also preached to its members about the impending apocalypse, and eventually shifted toward indoctrination through sex, specifically with children. One of the many non celebrities who have escaped and told their story is Christina Babin.

Christina was brought into the cult as a very young child when her mother joined and remembers a childhood of prayer, fear, abuse, and little else. Nuclear families weren’t allowed to live together (a common cult ploy to help strip people of their identity and support system) so she was separated from her mother. Despite multiple chances to leave and the distinct knowledge that everything about the cult was wrong, espeically the sexual abuse, Christina was so brainwashed and scared of the outside world that she was 21 before she escaped.

It wasn’t until multiple exposures to a “normal” family life, via her future husband’s family, that she finally found the strength to never go back. Today, she lives a routine life with her husband and kids and wants people to know they aren’t defined by their cult experiences.

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