The Truth About Meghan Markle

Maybe She Just Wants to Go Back to Work

Meghan Markle wants to go back to acting


We applaud Meghan for fighting through the intense amount of competition, beauty and skills that so many people endure when trying to break onto the small and big screen. To gain a lead role in a television series, you gotta be talented! This is exactly what Meghan did, her breakthrough role as Rachel Zane in Suits catapulted her to stardom! She rocked the role for 108 episodes… that is 7 years!!! 

Why did she stop acting one may ask? To become a royal! This must have been a HUGE decision for her and is one of the main reasons we think Meghan and Harry have stepped down from the Royal Family. Meghan is a feminist who calls for gender equality, she had a thriving career in filmography, was a lifestyle blogger and dabbled in clothing and jewelry design. She can definitely make her own money with those entrepreneurial skills, which leads us to believe her inability to have a career as a Duchess pushed her further away from enjoying being a Royal.