The Truth About Meghan Markle

She Loves North America



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She is a true California girl, who was born and raised in LA and in most recent years has become very fond of Canada, showcasing an immense attachment to North America. Her move across the pond was very mighty! Not only is the British culture particularly harsh about outsiders, she is of mixed race which created chaos in British tabloids. It is said the British have been a bit racist towards Meghan but she did break Royal barriers as the first bi-racial member of the royal family. This is a huge accomplishment and breakthrough and it is sad to see the criticism she receives for being of mixed race but no Duchess or Princess who has married into the Royal family has been met with kindness from the Brits.

Meghan has said she is an “adopted Canuck” as she lived in Canada eight months out of the year while filming Suits. Since their announcement to part ways from the Royal family, Meghan has been in Canada with her child and husband… maybe the girl is just homesick and wanted to be able to live in the land of maple syrup?

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