The Truth About Meghan Markle

The Royal Life Just Ain’t Modern Enough For Her



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Bottom line and this is 100% opinion, we don’t think Meghan ever really wanted to be apart of the Royal Family. She fell in love with a Prince and love wins all! Do we think it’s a bit aggressive that she is leaving the Royal family after just a few short years? Totally! She 100% knew what she was signing up for – there is no surprise that the British have a hard time accepting her and they never off the bat accept new members of the Royal family with open arms.

We totally understand that one’s life gets flipped upside down but to not give it a longer run, maybe two or three more, years blows us away! Harry himself has been extremely outspoken about changing the monarchy and we guess this is just the first step to what a modern Prince and Duchess may look like!

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