10 Things You Didn’t Know About Vladimir Putin

Many of his critics have been mysteriously murdered

putin is mysterious and gets people murdered


Although he was banished from Russia for his opposition to Putin, it seems like David Satter may be one of the lucky ones. Throughout the years, many members of the Russian press have met a brutal end after publicly criticizing the president.

When Putin’s war in Chechnya left thousands dead, it was Russian reporter Anna Politkovskaya who publicly spoke out against his policies and human rights violations. She was assassinated in front of her apartment building in 2006. Alexander Litvinenko – former officer of the Russian FSB service – was poisoned to death after writing two books speaking out against Putin and accusing the Russian government of staging terrorist attacks. Boris Nemtsov – a Russian politician and infamous Putin critic – was assassinated in 2015. A coincidence? Maybe, maybe not.