10 Amazing Facts About Salvador Dali

He Was Expelled from Art School

He Was Expelled from Art School salvador dali


Dalí was famously nontraditional, and school was no exception. The classroom limited his creativity, and even as a child he spent less time studying and more time doodling in his notebook. Once in secondary school, he even threw himself down a flight of stairs in front of his friends and teachers as an attempt for public attention, as he wrote in his autobiography The Secret Life of Salvador Dalí. Relatable, are we right?

Things didn’t improve when he transferred to art school – where he was expelled not once, but twice. The first expulsion in 1923 was due to his involvement in a student protest, while the second in 1926 was a result of him refusing to sit for an oral exam, saying “I am infinitely more intelligent than these three professors, and I therefore refuse to be examined by them. I know this subject much too well.” Ouch. As you can imagine, that marked the end of his education, but the very beginning of his professional career. The same year, he traveled to Paris and met his idol, Pablo Picasso.