10 Amazing Facts About Salvador Dali

He Had An Interesting Marriage

He Had An Interesting Marriage salvador dali and Elena Ivanovna Diakonova


Every part of Salvador Dalí’s marriage to Elena Ivanovna Diakonova, also known as Gala, was unconventional – from the way they met to their strange ending. The pair met while she was still married to Surrealist poet Paul Éluard AND engaged in an affair with painter Max Ernst. She was also ten years older than the 25-year old Dalí. Regardless, they quickly fell in love and married – with Gala becoming Dalí’s muse and business manager.

The couple had an “open relationship” long before the term even existed – with Gala publicly having affairs, with support from her husband. Dalí even bought her a castle in Púbol that he could only visit with written permission from her. They made Tinder relationships and Netflix dates look normal! Regardless of these eccentricities, the pair were very much in love – with Gala being used as inspiration for the majority of Dalí’s paintings and the two standing by each other’s side for 48 years of marriage. After Gala died in 1982, her husband did the most Dalí thing imaginable. As she had died in their home of Portllgat, he fulfilled his wife’s request to be buried in Púbol, Spain by driving her corpse in the backseat of his car to the castle for one last ride together.