10 Amazing Facts About Salvador Dali

There’s a Book Dedicated to His Mustache

There’s a Book Dedicated to His Mustache salvador dali


That’s right, before Kim Kardashian had her book of selfies… Salvador Dalí published a book dedicated to his iconic facial hair. In 1954, he worked with photographer Philippe Halsman to publish the aptly titled Dalí’s Mustache. The book has a unique concept – with one page featuring a short question addressed to Dalí, which he answers at the bottom of the next page with unique answers. What makes him tick? “His hairspring, of course.” The book also features a number of black-and-white photographs of his mustache dressed in interesting form, including as a paintbrush and the Mona Lisa.

Another fun fact? Dalí’s famous mustache remains intact to this day – despite him being dead for 30 years. His body was exhumed in 2017 due to a paternity suit by a woman claiming to be his daughter. As it turns out, he was NOT the father (insert Maury gif here), but his mustache was still completely preserved. Nothing can stop the stache’, not even death!