Things You Didn’t Know About 60s Fast Food Culture

Burger King wasn’t McDonald’s top competitor.

burger chef
Burger Chef!


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When it comes to fast food rivalries, nothing is quite as famous as the rivalry between McDonald’s and Burger King. What might surprise you about this is that it wasn’t like that back in the day. Rather, McDonald’s top competitor was a chain called Burger Chef.

Burger Chef was poised to be the top burger chain in the country, and by the 1970s, the group boasted a total of 1,050 stores from coast to coast. Burger Chef’s two mascots, Burger Chef and Jeff, were as well-known as the Taco Bell chihuahua is today.

What’s really interesting about this chain is the innovation that was later stolen from them. You see, it wasn’t McDonald’s that kicked off the “toys with a meal” option. Rather, it was Burger Chef. They even had a line of Star Wars toys back in the 1970s!


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